Carer raids the home of the disabled man he was supposed to look after

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LOWLIFE Shaun Davies has been jailed after burgling the home of a disabled man he had been paid to care for.

Davies had an informal arrangement to look after the 33-year-old with special needs and was trusted by the man’s 69-year-old father.

But when the father and son were out on a shopping trip, Davies broke into their Ashbrooke home looking for a shoebox full of money he thought was kept there.

Unable to find the cash, the 37-year-old instead helped himself to jewellery including a Rolex watch, some rings and earrings.

He was arrested when blood found at the scene was matched to his.

Davies, of Fairy Street, Hetton, admitted burglary at Newcastle Crown Court.

In a victim impact statement, the disabled man’s father told police: “I would like to say this has left me traumatised that someone has been in my home.

“After the incident I felt very vulnerable and unsafe in my house.

“My son has been very upset and agitated, it is difficult for him to get to sleep and remain in his own bed.”

The court heard Davies sold the rings for £460 and had hoped to get around £450 for the watch which he claimed was fake, whereas prosecutors say it was real.

Mr Recorder Anton Lodge told Davies: “You, the burglar, are challenging the value of what was his property, which had a high sentimental value.

“It is also noted the effect of this burglary on a man aged 69 who trusted you because he allowed you into his house to look after his disabled son.

“That son, now aged 33, has learning difficulties and you knew he was in that position. The effect on him has been serious indeed.

“This has caused great distress, both father and son no longer regard their home as a place of sanctuary.”

The judge jailed Davies, who has over 100 previous convictions including 13 for burglary, for two years.

Vince Ward, defending, said Davies is sorry about what happened and has vowed to stay out of trouble in future.