Cancer patient tried to take the rap for son’s part in street attack

Raymond Maddock
Raymond Maddock
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A CANCER patient tried to take responsibility for his son’s part in a bloody street attack that left a man in a coma.

Frail Raymond Maddock told police it was he alone who left Daniel Docherty in intensive care with injuries which required him to be put into a medically induced coma and led to him having a stroke.

The 66-year-old, who walks with the aid of a frame, is in remission from throat cancer and breathes with a tracheostomy tube through his neck, told police: “There was one more fight in me before I die”.

Prosecutor Dan Cordey told Newcastle Crown Court: “Raymond Maddock said Daniel Docherty had threatened him, so he punched him a number of times in self-defence before the complainant made his way to the back door where he collapsed. He said he then dragged him out before closing the door.

“He was pressed on the truth of his account, given his physical condition and lack of bruising to his hands. He said ‘Everything I have told you is the truth’.”

Maddock snr, of Hertburn Gardens, Washington, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, which carries a maximum penalty of life behind bars, but the charge was dropped after his son Shaun Maddock, 46, of Trafalgar Road in the town, pleaded guilty.

Judge Paul Sloan QC sentenced the pensioner, who pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, to 26 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, with £250 costs.

The judge told him: “You claimed that you alone were responsible for attacking and injuring Mr Docherty.

“While in custody, and through the course of police interviews, you maintained you were solely responsible. Those admissions were completely false and were made to protect your son.”

Maddock jnr was sentenced to five years behind bars.

Judge Sloan said Mr Docherty endured a “brutal and sustained attack”.

The court heard Mr Docherty had been found bleeding and unconscious in the street near Maddock snr’s home just after midnight on August 30 last year.

He spent more than two months in hospital after his injuries led to a stroke, and he had suffered fractured bones in his face, broken ribs, multiple bruising and a laceration to his liver.

Witnesses to the attack said Mr Docherty was surrounded by four or five men while one of the group punched, kicked and then urinated on him.

Prosecutors accept Shaun Maddock was one of the men who had surrounded Mr Docherty as he was being beaten and had not used any violence himself in the street.

Maddock jnr accepted punching Mr Docherty twice when the trouble started inside Maddock snr’s home.

The court heard Maddock jnr had shouted “that’ll do” at the main attacker when Mr Docherty was lying unconscious.

Glen Gatland, defending, said the son had believed his sick father had been under some kind of attack in his home and had lashed out at Mr Docherty when he got there to help.

Mr Gatland said Maddock jnr, whose wife died when he was serving a prison sentence in 2003, is protective of his dad.