Campaign will keep students in safe hands

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A UNIVERSITY’S beat bobbies have come up with a handy way of warning students to lock up.

Officers patrolling Durham’s colleges have posted the arm-shaped leaflets urging them to secure their homes to deter thieves.

While the quirky pamphlets have become a cult collectors’ item with the students, the team hope the message will get across to the students, who are a regular target for burglars.

Pc Phil Raine, the university’s liaison officer, said: “It has a hand and arm on one side and crime prevention advice on the other and we put them through window or door if they’ve been left open.

“If we can reach through, so can a burglar.

“We also took them round with us during freshers’ week when we’ve done talks at the colleges.

“The feedback we’ve had has been really positive and it’s really taken off.”

The leaflets have been printed by the Home Office, but Durham Constabulary hopes to create its own version with a panel where messages could be written out to the householder.

The information drops are part of the police’s efforts to help students reduce the risk of becoming the victims of crime and ward off offenders.

Sessions where property has been marked and messages of advice and appeals for help, sent through Facebook and Twitter, are among the efforts by Pc Raine and his colleagues.