Burglars steal Sunderland children’s Christmas presents

Blackett Terrace, in Millfield, where a family had their Christmas presents stolen from their flat on Saturday afternoon
Blackett Terrace, in Millfield, where a family had their Christmas presents stolen from their flat on Saturday afternoon
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HEARTLESS burglars have stolen a young family’s Christmas after taking hundreds of pounds worth of presents from their Sunderland home.

Sam Redman and Neil Garnon’s Millfield home was ransacked by crooks as Sam took the couple’s boys Leon, six, and Oliver, eight weeks, on a shopping trip.

Sam returned to the flat, in Blackett Terrace, yards from Sunderland Royal Hospital, to find more than £500-worth of gifts and other household items taken.

She said today: “Leon thinks that Christmas has already been ruined and he’s too frightened to be in a room on his own now.

“I can’t believe this has happened.”

Police have started an investigation track down the brazen criminals.

The burglars struck last Saturday afternoon, after Sam took the two boys to visit family in Southwick, before going into Sunderland city centre.

They returned to find the bedrooms ransacked and wrapped presents for Leon, including an iPad Mini, a Nintendo 3DS plus games, all taken, as well as designer clothes.

As well as the gifts, Motorola video baby monitors, a Playstation 3 console, a hairdyer as well as two pairs of trainers belonging to Neil, were also taken.

There was, however, no sign of forced entry at the property.

“We left at about 11.30am and got back about 2.45pm,” said Sam.

“When we got in I noticed my bedroom had just been trashed. I went into my baby’s room because I’d put the presents in the wardrobe, and the whole thing had just been emptied.

“Whoever’s done it has taken the sheet off my bed to put the presents in before they left.

“It’s scary knowing that this could happen again, so we’re looking at moving somewhere else.”

Sam and Neil, 24, who works as an industrial cleaner, are now resigning themselves to a scaled-down Christmas, unless they can get the items back.

“We didn’t have insurance, so there’s no way we can afford to get new presents,” added Sam.

“Some of the things are sold out now anyway.

“My family have said they will help, but I’d been saving since July for this, and now it’s gone.”

Sam believes that a man who knocked on the flat door on Friday may be the person responsible.

“He came at about 1.15pm and asked if a Mark lived here, to which I said ‘no’ and he left.

“He was wearing a woolly hat, a long black duffel coat, blue jeans, work boots and had a stubbly face.

“I’d heard he was back around this area on Saturday, so we think it might’ve been him.”

A spokesman for Northumbria Police confirmed that officers are investigating the burglary.