Burglar who hit leisure centre is locked up

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A BURGLAR who targeted the Raich Carter Sports Centre in Sunderland is behind bars.

David Richardson leapt over the counter at the centre in Hendon and was quickly spotted rifling through the shelves.

He ran off but was later apprehended in the changing rooms, when a hammer fell out of his top.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that in February, Richardson also tried to break into two homes in Hendon, terrifying the occupants.

One woman described coming downstairs around 9.40pm and seeing an arm reaching round the unlocked door of her porch, said prosecutor Emnma Dowling.

Around 30 minutes later, another woman found drunken Richardson in her porch. Once again he ran off but was caught by police near by.

In March he was caught on CCTV attempting to steal from the Raich Carter and convicted of the three offences at Sunderland court later that month.

Defending, Lewis Kerr said Richardson, of Fuller Road, Grangetown, had a problem with alcohol and the offences were without any level of sophistication or planning.

Judge Richard Lowden imposed a three-year prison sentence, which included activating a suspended sentence.

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