Burglar stole from fellow resident in Sunderland homeless shelter

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A THIRD-STRIKE burglar who stole from another resident while living in a charity homeless shelter has been jailed.

Kieran Tyrrell, 19, admitted the offence when the stolen items were found in his room at Centrepoint, in Sunderland, last September.

He told police that he had stolen the games’ console controllers, worth £110, with the intention of selling them on to buy food.

Prosecutor Bridie Smith told Newcastle Crown Court: “The controllers were returned to the victim, but in his victim-impact statement he said the incident had left him feeling stressed.”

Jamie Adams, defending Tyrrell, now of no fixed abode, said that he had improved dramatically since he has been held in custody.

He said: “The young man is working and is now getting three meals a day, he is in a far better fettle, to use a common colloquialism.

“He wants to equip himself with an NVQ and feels far better off at the minute where he is.”

Normally, a third-strike burglar would be expected to spend three years in prison.

Passing a 12-month sentence, Judge John Evans explained to Tyrrell that Judge Brian Foster, who last dealt with the case, believed that his personal circumstances were such that the normal sentencing guidelines could be stepped outside of.

He said: “Judge Foster is no longer able to deal with this case, but he plainly thought it might be suitable for you to be released into supervised accommodation.

“Since you have been in custody you have improved dramatically and it is hoped that that will continue.

“The sort of sentence for what you did is a sentence of 12 months’ imprisonment in a young offenders institute.”

Tyrrell, who admitted burglary, will spend about two months in prison after the time he has already spent in custody has been taken into account.