Burglar’s blood found smeared over home

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A SERIAL burglar was caught after his blood was found smeared all over a home he had raided.

Michael Hazard cut himself while breaking into the house in Dunstanburgh Close in Washington, by smashing a back window, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Blood was found all across the house, which police then managed to trace back to him.

Hazard, who lived in the same street at the time but has since moved to Columbia in Washington, had made off with jewellery, electrical goods and clothing. The court was told the 31-year-old had four previous burglary convictions.

When arrested two weeks later, he still had a pair of wellington boots and a coat in his possession, stolen in the Dunstanburgh Close burglary. Hazard pleaded guilty to burglary at a previous hearing and also asked for three further offences to be taken into consideration.

Judge Roger Thorn gave Hazard to a two year jail term, suspended for two years but warned him prolific burglars should get long sentences behind bars. He said: “Most dwelling house burglaries, without exception, are dreadful for the householder.

“You will never get another chance like this, whatever mitigation you have to offer to the court, this is the last opportunity.”

Hazard will be supervised by the probation service throughout his suspended sentence period and was told to take part in a ‘building skills programme’. He will also be subject to regular drug testing and reviews as part of a drug rehabilitation requirement.