Burglar gets £10 fine after raid on Sunderland school

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A BURGLAR who stole hundreds of pounds worth of computers from a school has been ordered to pay a fine of just £10.

Daniel Moan, of Hudson Road, Hendon, broke into St Paul’s Church of England Primary School in the early hours of Wednesday, September 11, and took two laptops and an iPad.

The 30-year-old had smashed a window to get into the building in Waterworks Road, Ryhope.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Moan admitted burglary when he was arrested at the scene.

He was in breach of a suspended sentence for earlier offences of battery and theft.

Kevin Wardlow, prosecuting, said: “A neighbour reported somebody in the grounds. That was the defendant.

“He entered the school through a broken window and went to a classroom where he stole two laptops and an iPad.

“He had them in a rucksack when police attended near to the scene.

“On his arrest, he admitted the offence. He said he had to steal something because of the drug habit he had at that time.”

Nigel Barbes, mitigating, said: “He is at a time in his life when he is at a crucial threshold.

“He is now in a stable relationship, he is off the methadone, and he is hoping to be fit for work in a few weeks. He has been a working man in the past – he is a trained bricklayer.

“He may be a very valued member of the community work team.”

Mr Recorder Paul Camp said: “You pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, although you didn’t have much option as you were caught red handed.

“You are now in breach of a suspended sentence for the second time.

“The pre-sentence report says you are engaging with the help that is out there for you and are doing well. Therefore, I think it would be un-profound to send you to prison.”

Moan was sentenced to a 18-month community order with supervision, ordered to pay a £10 fine and a statutory surcharge of £60.