Boyfriend battered mother of his children

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A BOYFRIEND battered the mother of his two children following a night out in Sunderland.

Sean Scotter narrowly escaped a jail term after he attacked the woman.

The victim had fled a taxi they were sharing and ran into her mother’s home in East Rainton, where their children, aged two and five months, were being looked after.

But Scotter, 25, threatened to smash windows until they let him in, when he punched and kicked the woman.

He pleaded guilty to assault, using violence to secure entry and two offences of criminal damage, at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said: “His partner opens the door and he grabs her and pins her to the floor, kicking and punching her. She is shouting ‘mam, protect me’, but her mam could not get him off. She got away from him and ran upstairs. A mobile was used to call police.

“The defendant snatched the phone from her and threw it at the back door, smashing the screen.

“He was told the police were coming up the street. He left, then came back a short time later to say, ‘I’m really sorry and I love you’.”

Scotter’s girlfriend was found lying on her bed, hugging her hysterical children, with blood running from her nose.

She told officers that her children’s father had tried to strangle and “gouge” her, leaving her with a number of injuries.

The court heard Scotter, of Grange Court, Carville, was convicted of assaulting the same woman in 2010. They had now split up and he had a new partner.

Paul McAlinden, defending, said Scotter believed his drink had been spiked during the night out on April 27.

“It would explain why he goes from being in a good mood, simply having fun, to being in a bad mood,” he added.

“He has been in a relationship with her for a number of years.

“He says since this incident, she has tried to contact him.

“He has had to change his number and she has tried to contact him through social networks, so he has had to block her.”

Chairman of the bench, Janet Hutton, ordered he serve an 18-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Scotter was also ordered to stay away from his victim indefinitely and pay her £250 compensation, plus a £80 victim surcharge and £80 court costs.

He is also under curfew, between 7pm-5.30am, every weekend until August.