‘Boredom’ blamed for damage

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A TEENAGE mum wrecked Christmas decorations – because she was bored.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted pulling decorations off a Christmas tree in Sunderland city centre on December 29.

Prosecutor Paul Doney told Sunderland’s Youth Court CCTV cameras spotted her damaging the tree and police were called. He added: “She said she did it because she was bored.”

She admitted criminal damage and was ordered to pay £40 compensation to Sunderland City Council and £40 court costs. She was also given a six-month conditional discharge.

Shoplifter locked up

A SERIAL shoplifter is behind bars after being caught stealing hours after he was in court for targeting a Sunderland department store.

Keith Bingham, 45, admitted stealing £260 of perfume from Debenhams at the city magistrates’ court last week. He was already on bail for a separate shoplifting charge in South Shields and the case was transferred to South Tyneside. But he was later caught by police in South Shields with two pairs of stolen women’s shoes.

Bingham, of South Shields, appeared before South Tyneside magistrates where he admitted his latest crime and all three cases were heard. He was jailed for six months and three weeks.