Booze stolen by shoplifter at Galleries

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A SHOPLIFTER helped himself to booze in an early morning supermarket theft.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard Trevor Palmer took drink from the shelves of Asda in The Galleries, Washington, at 8.15am.

He was stopped by security staff after trying to leave the store without paying, following the offence on March 9.

Prosecutor Paul Doney said Palmer selected a bottle of mixer and a bottle of Sidekicks liquor and put them up his sleeve.

When arrested, he was also found in possession of a packet of sweets, which he admitted stealing from Sainsbury’s.

Palmer, of Perth Road, Plains Farm, was given a 20-week suspended sentence in last July, for assault, and a conditional discharge in November for shoplifting.

Defending the 20-year-old, Anna Metcalfe said Palmer became dependent on alcohol in April 2012, which was when his offending started.

Part of his suspended sentence order was an alcohol treatment programme.

Magistrates adjourned the case so pre-sentence reports could be prepared.

Palmer was bailed and ordered to live and sleep at his home and not to enter The Galleries or InShops, Washington.