‘Behave this year or end up in court’ – Police visit Bonfire Night troublemmakers at home

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YOBS who last year caused Bonfire Night havoc can expect a knock on the door this weekend.

Police will be revisiting the troublemakers, warning them to keep their noses clean this coming Tuesday – or face a date in court.

Operation Vulcan will see officers from Sunderland West Neighbourhood Policing Team taking a pro-active approach to stopping any trouble before it breaks out.

The team will also be visiting retailers selling fireworks, carrying out extra patrols, reminding homeowners not to leave wheelie bins in the street, making sure fly-tipping is dealt with and offering reassurance to vulnerable residents.

Inspector Dave Pickett, heading the operation, said the officers want to make sure November 5 remains a safe, fun occasion.

“I’d like to stress it is only a small minority who cause trouble. However, their behaviour can ruin it for others,” he said.

“We’re warning those who were involved in incidents relating to fireworks and Bonfire Night last year what will happen if they come to the attention of police again this year, to make them think about the consequences of misbehaving.

“Extra officers will be on patrol between now and Bonfire Night, and on the night itself to make sure any disorder and antisocial behaviour is dealt with quickly.

“Bonfire Night is a fun occasion, and we want to make sure it is safe and enjoyable for everyone.”

The initiative supports the Association of Chief Police Officers’ week of action – “In Focus – Antisocial behaviour”.

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “There is some great work taking place in preparation for Bonfire Night across the area.

“I want to see antisocial behaviour dealt with and crime reduced. Initiatives such as this are instrumental in making this happen.”