Beautician scarred for life in bottle attack

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A BEAUTICIAN’S life has been torn apart after a bottle was smashed in her face by a stranger.

Sarah Jane Howey has been plagued with nightmares and is battling depression after the attack left her needing 50 stitches and extensive reconstruction surgery.

Amy Calder

Amy Calder

The 22-year-old had been on a night out with her sister in Sunderland city centre when she was attacked by mum-of-two Amy Calder.

She suffered three gaping wounds to her cheek and neck, and despite surgery will be scarred for life.

Calder, of Aldwych Road, Farringdon, was jailed for four-and-a-half years after admitting wounding with intent.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the women, who did not know each other, ended up at Diva in Liquid nightclub.

Trouble flared when Miss Howey’s sister Rachel was punched by 23-year-old Calder’s partner Nicola Palmer.

When Sarah tried to find out what had happened, Calder – dressed in a bikini top, tutu and bunny ears – hit her in the face with a bottle.

“The defendant struck out at Sarah Howey with a bottle in her hand,” said prosecutor Katherine Dunn.

“The bottle then smashed into her face because of the impact and force that was used.”

One of the wounds cut one of her main arteries.

The court heard Miss Howey has been left with two five-centimetre wounds to her cheek, and a four-centimetre raised scar on her neck.

She has recently undergone surgery in a bid to reduce the scarring.

“In a victim impact statement she said she suffers nightmares, depression. She has difficulty sleeping,” said Miss Dunn.

“She actually works in the beauty industry, and is now constantly asked how she received the scars.

“She feels paranoid because she is so frequently asked about the scars.

“It has affected her business, she has lost confidence and is afraid to go out.”

Calder, who left the scene of the attack, was arrested after a police appeal for information about the incident, on August 17 last year.

Judge David Wood told her: “You carried a bottle towards the victim in this case and struck her violently in the face with it so it broke. The results, I’m afraid, are terrible to see.

“She is an attractive young woman employed in the beauty industry. Therefore one would expect she will be very badly affected by this kind of injury both physically and indeed mentally.

“This was an extremely serious assault on a total stranger who, in my view, had neither harmed nor threatened you in any way.”

Mitigating, Jamie Adams, told how despite Calder’s troubled upbringing, she has no previous convictions.

“This woman is ashamed and deeply sorry for what she did to Sarah Howey on that day.

“She is respectful towards her fellow human beings. This awful incident on this night does look to be really quite seriously out of character for her.”

Nicola Palmer was conditionally discharged by magistrates for the attack on Rachel Howey.