Bans for Tyne-Wear derby thugs

Police swoop
Police swoop
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A YOB who tried to pull down a metal fence separating rival fans before repeatedly punching a police van has been banned from the Stadium of Light.

Jamie Crighton, 19, will not be allowed to attend a match for three years after being one of four SAFC fans hit with a three-year football banning order.

Crighton, of Church Street North, Roker, admitted damaging the blue light on the police van, and demonstrating threatening behaviour towards rival Newcastle fans.

He also tried to push down the metal barrier, dubbed the Berlin Wall, erected by police in a bid to separate rival fans prior to the derby match on Sunday, January 16

Prosecutor Glenda Becktold Sunderland Magistrates’ Court: “Fans had gathered at the metal barriers which separated the rival supporters. Two police riot vans filled the gaps.

“Mr Crighton climbed on top of the van and punched the light until it broke and held up the pieces to show what he had done.”

Mitigating Jason Smith said: “He simply had far too much to drink, and him and friends went across to shout colloquialisms at Newcastle fans and got carried away. He fully accepts that.”

He was ordered to pay £50.80 compensation, and a fine of £65 with £85 costs.

Three other men also received three year banning orders.

During the same hearing, Jordan Burdis, 20, of Maypole Close, Southwick, pleaded guilty to damaging the rear blue light of a police riot van after climbing on top of it.

Burdis admitted that his behaviour was “disgraceful”. He was fined £65 with a £15 surcharge, and ordered to pay £50.80 compensation to police for the damage to the vehicle, as well as £85 in costs.

David Garbutt, 26, of Londonderry Terrace, Easington Colliery, pleaded guilty to invading the playing area after SAFC scored an equalising goal in the 90th minute of the game.

This is the second time Garbutt has been issued with a football ban. Magistrates were told how he has brought shame to his father who, with the same name and address, has been turned away from football matches on four occasions following the match.

He was fined £150 with a £15 surcharge and ordered to pay costs of £85.

Patrick Storey, 28 of Hudson Road, Hendon, also ran on the pitch after the 90-minute equaliser.

He told the court he was aware what he did was wrong but that he had too much to drink during the day, and got excited when his team scored, experiencing a rush of blood to the head.

He pleaded guilty to invading the playing area and was fined £65 and ordered to pay £100 costs and victim surcharge.

All four were banned from entering football grounds on match days for the next three years.