Banners on display to crack down on thieves

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SHOPLIFTERS in Sunderland are being warned that police are watching them.

The force launched Operation Soundwave, aimed at cracking down on volume crime such as shop thefts, and to date 397 people have been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting in Sunderland in three months.

To help combat the number of shop thefts, police are displaying banners across the force area. In Sunderland, one of the banners is being used in Tesco Extra in Newcastle Road.

Neighbourhood Inspector Tony Carty, said: “Thieves may think stealing from a large superstore will not have an impact on our communities, however, retailers need to cover the cost somehow, which could mean higher prices for everyone or even job losses.

“These banners are reminding people they are being watched – most stores have good quality CCTV, security guards and security posts so the chances are they will get caught.

“We’re committed to reducing the number of shop thefts, and work closely with retailers to identify those responsible and take action.

“These banners are intended to remind those intent on shoplifting that they are being watched and will pay the price if they do shoplift.”