Attacker spat in police officers’ faces and said he could give them Aids

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AN attacker told two police officers he could have given them Aids after spitting in their faces as they tried to arrest him.

The officers had been trying to detain Stephen McEvoy for being in a street he was banned from when he committed the sickening assaults in February.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 43-year-old warned the officers he had the deadly disease and said they could catch it because of what he did.

Prosecutor Paul Wardlaw told the court McEvoy had been spotted in his ex-partner’s street in Sunderland, which he was forbidden from entering by a restraining order.

He became aggressive while being put into a police car and launched the spitting attack as the officers tried to transfer him into a van.

Prosecutor Paul Wardlaw said: “He spat towards the sergeant, catching him in the face and mouth.

“He was being placed in the cage at the back of the van when he spat into the face of the police constable.

“On both occasions he told the police officers he had Aids and threatened them with the possibility of catching Aids as a result of his actions.”

The court heard McEvoy also stamped on the constable’s foot during the attack.

McEvoy, of Torrens Road, Thorney Close, Sunderland, admitted breaches of a restraining order and assaulting two police officers.

Judge Brian Forster QC jailed him for 10 months.

The judge said: “There was a confrontation with the police which involved you spitting and making suggestions that you suffered from Aids.”

Paul Cross, defending, said McEvoy was in the street because his ex-girlfriend had invited him to the house.

Mr Cross added: “I accept these are serious matters, aggravated by his record and the fact the police officers were simply seeking to carry out their public duties.

“I don’t think there’s anything I can usefully put before the court in relation to those.”