Armed shoplifter wrestled to the ground by brave security guard in Sunderland Lidl

Tommy Green
Tommy Green

A shoplifter sparked a ten minute stand off while armed with a pair of scissors after being stopped from stealing £74 worth of meat.

Tommy Green, who has 134 previous convictions for theft, put packets of steak into his jacket at the Lidl store in Sunderland on August 28 and tried to leave without paying.

When confronted by security staff, the 38-year-old pulled out a pair of scissors, which he held in a clenched fist and warned "I've got scissors".

After a ten minute confrontation, a brave member of the security staff wrestled him to the floor and disarmed him.

Newcastle Crown Court heard witnesses, including members of the public and staff, were left frightened and intimidated by what they saw.

One staff member told police: "As the male raised those scissors above his head and said 'I've got scissors' it made me fear for my safety.

"I didn't know what he was going to do."

Green had been given a suspended sentence for burglary four days before.

Judge Edward Bindloss said Green is a "persistent, regular, incorrigible thief" and told him: "Witnesses said they were fearful for their safety.

"It was intimidating.

"It was uncalled for. "

Judge Bindloss sentenced Green, of Tower Street West, Sunderland, to a total of 14 months behind bars.

Green had been found guilty of theft, a public order offence and possessing a blade in public after a trial at magistrates court, which he did not attend.

The court heard Green works as a mentor in custody and is now willing to work with officials who can help him.