Armed raider ordered Sunderland couple to move car – so he could steal their BMW

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A COUPLE were ordered out of their home at midnight by an armed raider who wanted their car.

The intruder went into the couple’s bedroom and frogmarched them out of the house at knifepoint, where they were ordered to move their Corsa car to allow him access to the BMW parked behind it.

The robber had already picked up the couple’s phone and car keys when he was inside the house in Sunderland.

Gary Foster was spotted behind the wheel of the stolen £10,000 motor on Neville Road in the city about an hour later and almost smashed into a police officer in a bid to get away.

By then, he had already hit the police car with the stolen motor and caused over £1,000 worth of damage to it.

Prosecutor Ros Scott-Bell told the court: “The police sergeant was forced to move out of the way to prevent the car hitting him.

“The driver was not concerned about the danger in his attempt to escape.”

THe court heard Foster managed to get away from the scene but was collared by chance when the officer saw his photograph during an unrelated briefing at the police station.

Foster, 29, of Barnes Park Road, Sunderland, who has a lengthy criminal record, admitted handling stolen goods and dangerous driving.

Mr Recorder John Aitken told him: “The policeman had to jump out of the way.

“The police officer was doing his duty and you were threatening his life.”

The judge deferred sentence so Foster can be assessed for his suitability for an alcohol treatment programme.

He was granted bail during the assessment.

The judge told him: “If it is successful, any sentence of imprisonment might be suspended.”

Lee Fish, defending, said Foster is still a young man who has time to change.

Mr Fish said: “The cycle has to be broken. This defendant has spent too long in custody. Perhaps the court has an opportunity to try a different approach.

“He was not involved in the robbery.”