Angry boyfriend abused staff at Sunderland Royal Hospital

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AN angry boyfriend was arrested after hurling abuse at hospital staff and police.

Steven Dermott became angry after he was asked to leave a room at Sunderland Royal Hospital where his girlfriend was being treated.

The 21-year-old hurled abuse at an officer and medics until he was arrested.

He pleaded guilty to a public order offence at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court.

Paul Doney, prosecuting, said a nurse informed an officer on duty at the hospital that Dermott, of Western Hill, Sunderland, was causing problems.

He was asked to leave, but became angry, shouting “I’m not leaving without my girlfriend”.

Mr Doney said: “He continued to abuse the officer. He walked towards him and he stood up.

“The officer said there were a lot of poorly people in the vicinity and if he did not stop swearing, he would be arrested.

“He walked along the corridor, continuing to shout and swear in the same manner.

“He also directed it towards doctors and nurses as he passed them.

“People were clearly distressed and disgusted.”

Jason Smith, defending, said: “There was a disagreement with another man in the room and that is possibly why the staff nurse came in the first place.

“If the police officer had removed the other male, not another word would have been said.”

Dermott was fined £70 and told to pay £85 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.