Anger after drugs found by child on litter pick – he thought cannabis was Christmas trees

Councillor Phil Tye
Councillor Phil Tye
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A CONCERNED councillor has issued a safety warning after an 11-year-old boy found a haul of drugs dumped near a cycle path while on a community litter pick.

Coun Phil Tye was part of a council-led litter pick between Plains Farm and Silksworth Lane with youngsters aged between 8 and 19 when the shocking discovery was made on Friday afternoon.

Coun Tye, who represents the Silksworth ward, says the actions of those who left the stash of cannabis in clear view was unacceptable.

Police were called to the scene, on a grassed area near a cycle path in Plains Farm, Sunderland, and took away the drugs to be destroyed.

Coun Tye said: “We have had a group of young people carrying out a litter pick along with the City Council as part of the love your neighbourhood campaign along the lines at Plains Farm and Silksworth Lane.

“During the litter pick, one of the young people uncovered a massive stash of drugs that he incidently thought were Christmas trees.

“Police were called and the drugs were took away to be destroyed. This was no small find and the police said it was worth thousands.

“We could tell from the smell what it was.

“The drugs were just left on the grassed area in bags, in clear view.”

Coun Tye says it is ‘scary’ to think that the drugs could’ve been picked up by a young child.

He added: “It is scary to think that children who were unaccompanied might have found them.

“It is unacceptable for the drugs to just be dumped in a public area.

“It is something I ever expected to happe while on a litter pick, where these children have volunteered their time to help their community.

“It is wrong, they shouldn’t have just been left somewhere where children play and could easily have found them.