Amputee wishes long jail sentence on the arson attacker who robbed him of his leg

Craig Finn - coming to terms with his life-changing injuries.
Craig Finn - coming to terms with his life-changing injuries.
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Arson victim Craig Finn says he hopes James Gillibrand serves “as long as possible” in prison after causing the fire which saw him lose his leg.

Mr Finn, who attended court to see Gillibrand admit causing grievous bodily harm without intent and arson reckless as to whether life was endangered, hopes to now move on with his life after the attack at his former home 18 months ago.

Craig Finn

Craig Finn

Gillibrand’s co-accused David William Lewis walked free after being found not guilty of four charges in relation to the horror assault.

Now living in Seaham close to his family, Mr Finn, a former labourer, said: “It’s not over yet because we still have to come back for the sentencing, but I’m glad he was remanded.

“I’ve got nothing against David because he didn’t do anything in the first place and didn’t seem to know about what happened.

“But James, I hope he does as long as possible in prison.

“I’ve never spoken to him since it happened and I don’t want to.”

Mr Finn now hopes to continue his recovery.

Despite being on a daily dose of medication, he still struggles with everyday life because of his injuries.

“I’ve had to force myself with to get used to what happened,” he added.

“I relive that day every morning when I get up, which gets me down, but I know I’ve got to get on with my life.

“I’m going back for more treatment at the Freeman Hospital and soon I’ll be getting a permanent prosthetic limb fitted.”

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