'All you're bothered about when having sex is seeing your ******* brother': Thug covered woman in paint for comment she made during sex

A brute is behind bars after he punched, choked, stamped on and covered a woman in paint over a comment she made during sex.

Michael Wallace lashed out after the victim mentioned that she needed to visit her brother, while they were being intimate in her living room. Newcastle Crown Court heard she was left fearing she would be killed in the violence that followed and she even kicked him in the testicles in a bid to fight him off.

As she fled the house, barefoot and in ripped clothing, Wallace threw paint at her from an open tin that was in the house and left her covered in it.

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The court heard as she ran for help, Wallace told her: "All you're bothered about when having sex is seeing your ******* brother". The victim was seen at hospital after the attack with bruising and an eye injury.

Michael Wallace.

Prosecutor Helen Towers told the court Wallace and the woman had been out at the pub in Sunderland, then returned to the victim's home.

Miss Towers said: "They had consensual sex, during which the complainant stated she needed to see her brother. This seemed to anger the defendant and he straddled her on the floor. She was slapped and punched in the face, multiple times. He grabbed her and started to strangle her, shouting 'you have made me do this'. The complainant was struggling for breath, spit was being forced out of her mouth."

Miss Towers said the victim managed to get up after she kicked Wallace in the testicles and she ran to another room. But Miss Towers said Wallace followed the victim and added: "He forced her to the floor and stamped on her face, twice. The complainant got into a fetal position, believing she was going to die."

Miss Towers said the woman eventually managed to get to the front door, when he threw a large tin of paint at her, covering her in it. The victim said in an impact statement she feared she would never see her child again and added: "During the incident I was genuinely terrified for my life."

Wallace, 40, of Quarry Road, Sunderland, was found guilty of assault after a trial. Mr Recorder Rippon jailed him for two years and issued a restraining order to protect the victim.

The judge told him: "Clearly some real harm was done to the victim here."

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Wallace, who represented himself at the hearing, told the court he has employment in construction and a stable home. He added: "I am sorry for what happened."