Alcoholic unleashes abusive outburst when asked to leave Sunderland hospital

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A RECOVERING alcoholic refused to leave Sunderland Royal Hospital’s A&E after he fell off the wagon.

Intoxicated Mark Heron had been seen by a doctor and released at 4am on September 17, but he kept returning, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Police were eventually called to the hospital when Heron, 46, became abusive to staff and they were unable to get rid of him, prosecutor Paul Doney said.

“Police found him asleep across a set of chairs in the waiting area,” Mr Doney said.

“He smelled of intoxicating liquor and told them to **** off. They asked him to leave the hospital, but he continued to be abusive in front of patients and was arrested.”

Heron, of Chatterton Street, Southwick, admitted being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Jason Smith, mitigating, said: “This offence happened at a time of a number of offences of being drunk and disorderly, Mr Heron having fallen off the wagon again.

“He is now on blockers, which means that if he consumes any form of alcohol, it makes him violently sick. He’s been locked in his house to go through the detox.

“He was at the height of his alcohol abuse and he accepts that he committed that offence.

“He doesn’t appear in the dock today, which is a miracle in itself.”

Heron was given a 12-month conditional discharge and told to pay £85 costs and £15 victim surcharge.