A Sunderland holidaymaker brought weapons stash home

Weapons seized from Craig Dalkin at Newcastle Airport
Weapons seized from Craig Dalkin at Newcastle Airport
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A HOLIDAYMAKER who tried to bring a cache of weapons into the UK from abroad has been jailed for two years.

Craig Dalkin was caught with a stun gun, two CS gas canisters, an extendable baton, two knuckle dusters, a flick knife and a folding knife at Newcastle International Airport on June 11 this year.

Craig Dalkin

Craig Dalkin

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 23-year-old, who had just got off a flight from Bulgaria, was stopped by Border Agency staff as he tried to pass through the “nothing to declare” channel.

He claimed some of the weapons, which he had bought from a stall for £50 during the holiday with his girlfriend,were to be used as ornaments and said he had not realised what the stun gun and CS gas spray actually were.

Prosecutor Geoff Mason told Newcastle Crown Court: “He said the CS gas canisters, as far as he was concerned, were dog repellent spray.”

During interview Dalkin, who has convictions for violence, attacking a police officer and carrying a weapon, told investigators: “It’s my bad, I have done wrong and I should be punished for it.”

Lewis Kerr, defending, said Dalkin now realises his claims about dog spray and not realising what the stun gun was cannot be accepted and confessed his girlfriend had tried to convince him not to bring the weapons into Britain before they flew back.

Mr Kerr added: “He did not have them in mind to go out for instance for football hooliganism of that sort of thing.

“When he was questioned about the items he gave them up.”

Dalkin, of Toronto Road, Thorney Close, Sunderland, had pleaded guilty to four charges of being knowingly concerned in the fraudulent evasion of prohibition of importation and one of having an article with a blade in a public place.

Judge Paul Sloan QC told Dalkin: “The offence is aggravated by your failure to heed the warnings issued by your girlfriend not to bring the items into the UK and by virtue of your criminal record.

“You were well aware you should not be bringing those items into the UK.

“While you may not have intended, at that stage, to pass them on, save for one item to your brother, nor use the items yourself to commit crime, given your record there is every risk that they would fall into the wrong hands or that you would use them yourself.

“In my judgement these offences are so serious anything other than a custodial sentence cannot be justified.”