A sad Christmas for families of 23 victims killed by drink-drivers

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TWENTY three people won’t be enjoying Christmas tomorrow – because of drink drivers.

That’s the sober message which police are putting out this year in a bid to stop people getting behind the wheel when they’re drunk.

Between 2008 and 2012, 23 people were killed in the Northumbria Police area by drink drivers.

Motor patrols Chief Inspector George Maratty said: “This time of the year is all about spending time with friends, family and the people you care about. It’s about making memories and sharing the holidays with those that you love. Thanks to the reckless actions of drink drivers, there will be 23 empty spaces in homes across the Northumbria area this year.

“When someone drinks too much, their reactions get slower, their thinking becomes impaired and making decisions becomes much more difficult. Combine this with the added challenge of controlling a vehicle, in often poor weather conditions, and you have the potential for a disaster.

“Drink driving kills innocent people. It’s as simple as that.

“Think before you drink -– you get into your vehicle and you’re over the limit. The consequences could be devastating for you and for others.

“If you see someone over the limit and driving, then please don’t delay in reporting this to the police.

“If a friend, family member or colleague is considering driving after drinking too much, then stop them or ring the 999 emergency number.

“Your call could be the difference between life and death.”

Anyone who suspects anyone of drink driving is asked to contact police on 101 ext 69191 or 999.