'A massive piece of history' - 9 things you said about future of Sunderland Magistrates' Court

A decision will be made on a court building for Sunderland in June.
A decision will be made on a court building for Sunderland in June.

The future of Sunderland's magistrates' court building will be sealed in June when a decision is made by central government.

Sunderland MPs Bridget Phillipson and Julie Elliott have long-campaigned for a new court for the city - and they have now been assured a decision will be made by June.

Dozens of you have had your say about the issue on Facebook - with many of you calling for this building to be preserved for Sunderland's future.

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The MPs launched their campaign after Houghton Magistrates’ Court closed in 2011, on the understanding that a new modern courts complex was to be built in Sunderland.

The current magistrates' court building, which is currently subject to repairs costing in excess of £200,000, is more than 100 years old.

Here's what you had to say about the issue on Facebook.

Michael Watson: "The building will lie dormant and empty, become derelict and an eyesore for years. Just modernise the old courts."

Marie Pentland: "Do not let this building become so run-down that it has to be demolished."

Shaun Cudworth: "Good, it's just frustrating they had to campaign at all. No, they won't demolish it - see it at night, looks really good when all lit up.

"With the police station [being] re-purposed things are looking up at this part of town."

Lee Mordey: "What will happen to this building? I hope it will not be demolished. It's beautiful and a massive piece of history that should be well looked after."

Andrew Tilly: "There's nowt wrong with these courts. Spend the money on something other than this."

Sarah Ann Taylor: "Don’t let them demolish it they have ruined Sunderland pulling all the old buildings down."

Pete Bogg: "Should be made into a visitor attraction."

Dot Sumner: "Let's keep a piece of history. More new buildings get built then demolished in no time."

Joan Mordey: "What's wrong with the old one it has character?"