'Crazy but fantastic' and 'quite scary' - 11 things you said about The Who playing Sunderland

Could any Sunderland Echo readers remember The Who playing Sunderland? "You better, you better, you bet."

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 3:24 pm
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 12:33 am
The Who in their heyday.
The Who in their heyday.

January 15 marks 52 years since records suggest the up and coming band appeared at the city's Beat Club.

It was one of seven appearances her by the band - whose later hits would include You Better You Bet - between 1966 and 1971.

A poster of The Who's last performance in Sunderland - so far - in 1971.

While uncertainty surrounds where the Beat Club was - some readers suggesting it was merely the name of a club night at an established venue - our Facebook post about the anniversary certainly sparked plenty of memories about singer Roger Daltrey and co's appearances on Wearside.

Stanley Craig said: "I saw them at The Empire. Smashed all the guitars."

Audrey Carver added: "I saw them at The Rink. Tickets were 10 shillings."

Margaret Thornton, tagging Jackie Ramoth into the conversation, wrote: "Saw them at The Rink too but me and Jackie saw loads of people at Empire.

"Amen Corner at The Rink and, of course, The Tremeloes. That's when Chip Hawkes asked me to go out with him."

Jackie Ramoth, recalling even more famous names appearing here, replied: "Were they on the same bill as Walker Brothers and Jimi Hendrix or was that another time? Can remember Keith Moon smashing things up on stage."

Margaret Thornton added: "We went to so many it's hard to remember. Can remember Keith Moon smashing things. Think we even saw Engelbert Humperdinck."

John Monacle said: "Seen them at Rink."

Rose Wharton recalled: "Went to see them at The Empire in the 60s.

"At the end of their show they went berserk. They broke every guitar and speakers. Keith Moon threw drum sticks everywhere. Quite scary really."

Peter Samuelson remembered: "They played at The Bay Hotel. Watched them with Ray and Arnie Davison."

Marilyn Bevan wote: "I saw them at The Bay too, crazy but fantastic."

Gaz Scott added: "When you could have a full night out for 3p."

David Shenton, who saw the band at The Empire in 1966, said: "They played the entire set without a support band and it was definitely the finest concert I have ever seen."

Who knows (get it?)? With The Who recording a new album this year and announcing a mammoth tour of North America, you wouldn't bet against the veteran rockers making a return to Sunderland now that The Stadium of Light is hosting concerts again.