Council returns tax to residents after campaigner’s fight

Adam Foster
Adam Foster
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HOUSEHOLDERS will have a few extra pounds in their pockets after a campaigner won a tax battle.

Sherburn Village Parish Council, in County Durham, is returning tax it overcharged on the parish precept last year by having a reduction this year.

The error was pointed out by resident Adam Foster, who is pleased the tax is being repaid.

“It has taken me quite a bit of time and trouble to get this put straight,” he said. “It may only be a few pounds, but times are hard for families and every penny counts in some households. The amount is not the real issue, taxes such as the precept should be the correct amount, not more or even less than they should be.

“I accept the calculations are complex and this was no more than a mistake, but the council seemed very unwilling to sort it out.”

Mr Foster was disappointed to be accused of acting out of political malice.

He added: “I am a Labour supporter, I make no secret of that.

“My only motivation in raising the tax issue is that of an interested and engaged resident. Since raising it, I have received overwhelming support from the community.”

Parish clerk Claire Maddison said: “Last year’s clerical error cost Band D taxpayers 4p a week.

“This year the council is cutting tax by 17 per cent, which is more than the error and will put money back in the pockets of residents. The latest parish newsletter, which will be delivered to every house, has the news on its front page.

“I hope Mr Foster will find time to congratulate the council on its ability to make such a significant cut to tax bills while maintaining efforts to improve the village.”

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