Could you give these dogs a home?

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THEY are the dogs no Wearsider wants.

These three scruffy scoundrels would love nothing more than a new family to spoil and care for them.

PLEA ... Sarah Wilkinson at West Hall Kennels with Fred the Lurcher who needs a new home.

PLEA ... Sarah Wilkinson at West Hall Kennels with Fred the Lurcher who needs a new home.

But every time potential owners arrive at West Hall Kennels these little gems are overlooked and left on the shelf.

While they might not have the good looks that win Crufts, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say they need a little TLC, this trio could still make the right owner a friend for life.

First up is partially-sighted Fred.

For four weeks, he has been hoping the right family will give him a fresh start in life.

Diagnosed with sight problems, kennel bosses say the Lurcher would still make a great pet for an owner willing to give him that little extra help he needs.

Next on the unwanted list is old-fella Thomas. Brought in from West Boldon, he was in a bad state and appeared to have been used in dog fighting judging by the number of injuries to his body.

An unhealed wound to his back leg, along with cuts to his face and shoulders, mean Thomas might not be the most handsome pet in the world and, at aged eight, he is not as young as he once was. But that isn’t holding him back.

Bosses at the kennels say he has a lovely temperament and would make a good pet.

Finally, there is Sally the Staffy.

When she arrived at the kennels, Sally was suffering from a flea allergy which appeared to put potential owners off. But, after undergoing treatment, she is now well on the road to recovery.

Sarah Wilkinson, from the Cleadon kennels, is currently over-run with dogs which have been left in a poor condition due to lack of care.

She said: “Whether they are emaciated or injured or abandoned, we seem to have a huge number of dogs who simply haven’t been looked after.

“I have eight who are all microchipped and I’ve been trying to get in touch with their owners, but they’re not responding to my phone calls.”