Could instant arrests and signal jammers stop North East drivers using mobiles?

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Readers have been sharing their views on how to crackdown on motorists using their phones while driving.

Research by the RAC revealed that a third of motorists (31 per cent) admitted to making or receiving a call on a handheld phone in the last 12 months.

Instant arrest and name and shame.

Rose Mcilhone

Extrapolated across the country, that means an estimated 11 million drivers breaking the law.

The group is now calling for an awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of using a handheld device at the wheel as well as urging better enforcement of the law and backing plans for harsher penalties

The survey of 1,714 drivers for the RAC Report on Motoring also found that a quarter of drivers admitted checking messages while driving and nearly 1 in 5 (19 per cent) said they had written and sent texts, emails or social media posts while on the move.

Readers have been taking to the Gazette’s Facebook page to express their views.

Neil Barry simply stated: “Instant ban.”

Pete Davies suggested: “Charge people with attempted murder or for endangering peoples lives, which is what they are doing. Ban them from the roads for five years for first time offenders and then lifetime ban thereafter, though in reality they know they’ll get away with it.”

Rose Mcilhone added: “Instant arrest and name and shame them publicly also take their licence off them. After all they know it’s now illegal so they are obviously not bothered about the law or other people’s lives so why should they be allowed to continue being a danger to others by being ignorant?”

Floss Marshall sent: “Car/van should be recovered (same as if they’re caught with no insurance) kept for seven days they get a fine and points then if happens again ban them. You see cars swerving just missing the kerb or oncoming traffic you know they’re on their phone it’s just pure ignorance and selfishness.”

Ben Stevenson has a more hi-tech solution. He said: “Fit all cars with signal jammers, allowing incoming calls only through car speakers.”