Cooking app from students

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KITCHEN savvy students have cooked up a new iPad app stuffed with recipes.

Durham University duo Alex Yandell and Ed Taylor have concocted the iPad cookery app, Cook Taste Summer Smile, which they say is packed with recipes that anyone can have a go at.

Alex, 20, who lives in Durham City during term time, said: “I’ve always loved cooking ever since I was young.

“I wanted to publish my own book of recipes, but it’s difficult and costly, so my friend Ed, who is studying engineering and is very good with technology suggested the app.”

Alex, a French and classics second-year student, has created all the recipes himself, and plans to translate the recipes into French.

“We used iBooks Authors, a programme for the Mac that enables you to design a book and publish it on iTunes.”

Cook Taste Summer Smile is available from iTunes for £4.99.