Controversial Sunderland McDonald’s HQ gets new paint job after row over loud decor

The painted house on Brookside Terrace in Ashbrooke.
The painted house on Brookside Terrace in Ashbrooke.
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NOW that’s all white.

Thrilled residents of a conservation area are “delighted” that an unwelcome multi-coloured paint job on a McDonald’s franchise HQ has been covered over in brilliant white – except for the yellow front door.

Nucleus House in Brookside Terrace, caused outrage in leafy Ashbrooke when the building was daubed several different highlighter shades, including green, purple and orange last month.

Since then – following more than a dozen complaints to Sunderland City Council – Jasper Maudsley, property owner and director of JM Partners Limited – which runs seven McDonald’s fast food restaurants around the city – has hired a team of painters to return it to a subtler shade.

Jim Smith, 75, of nearby Valebrooke, said he is “absolutely delighted”.

“I am thrilled beyond belief,” he told the Echo. “It was preposterous.

“I complained vociferously about it. I saw something like this in the area once before when my now 21-year-old daughter had a Wendy house.

“I was in the process of starting up a petition about it when they started to paint it back.”

Those living near Nucleus House say the redecorating process began about two weeks ago.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I saw one window had been painted,” said Marie Travers, 79, who has lived in Brookside Terrace for 19 years.

“Then I was pleased when I saw the rest of it being done.

“It just wasn’t in keeping with the area.”

One Humbledon View resident said: “We knew some sort of business was run from the building, but we didn’t know what it was because the business hasn’t really bothered us, apart from the painting.

“We are over the moon it’s been changed because this is a conservation and residential area.”

The council previously stated that Mr Maudsley could not be made to change the colours of the house as it was not breaking regulations. Councillor Mel Speding said: “We wrote to him reminding him that they were not considered to be sympathetic to the conservation status.

“We also stressed that it did not support the efforts of local residents in maintaining the character of the area.

Now, Coun Speding says the council is happy to see the building restored to a neutral tone. “We’re very pleased that it appears the owner has been sensitive to the concerns of his neighbours, and to the character of the conservation area.

“He has apparently decided to return the paintwork to a colour more compatible with that of neighbouring properties.”

Mr Maudsley declined to comment