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RESIDENTS can now contact the council from the comfort of their couch.

Durham County Council is launching a new initiative which it hopes will enable residents to get in contact with them with more ease.

Looking Local is available through satellite television and interactive sets as well as through Nintendo Wii consoles.

There is also an iPhone and android application that allows people to use it through a phone.

Durham County Council hope people who might normally contact them by phone or in person at one of its Customer Access Points will give this new service a try.

Looking Local is designed for residents who do not have a laptop or computer at home but who would still like to access council services remotely.

Whether it is to look for a job, renew a library book or apply for a waste permit, the new service will allow users to find out about it, report it or apply for it.

Residents can also access Durham Key Options for housing allocation via Looking Local.

Jerry Miller, service development manager for customer services, said: “I hope that people in the area take the opportunity to find out more about how the system works.

“We want to give our residents as many ways as possible to contact the council.

“You can use Looking Local for a range of some of the most popular inquiries with the added benefit of being in contact with the council from the comfort of your own home.”

For more information about the service, visit