‘Color’ runners look forward to Sunderland event

2012 Kansas City Color Run
2012 Kansas City Color Run
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A COUPLE are calling on fellow Wearsiders to take part in a fun run which is set to take Sunderland by storm.

Last month it was announced that an American-style Color Run will be coming to the city in the summer.

Ken and Sylvia Crone from Ashbrooke in Sunderland after taking part in the Dubai Color Run in December 2013

Ken and Sylvia Crone from Ashbrooke in Sunderland after taking part in the Dubai Color Run in December 2013

Thousands are expected to take part in the fun, where they will be doused from head to toe in bright pigments made from cornstarch, hurled at them by spectators along the route.

The race has just two rules - runners have to wear white on the starting line and must be covered in paint by the finish.

Married couple Ken and Sylvia Crone, of Ashbrooke, were visiting family when they recently entered Color Run in the Middle Eastern city of Dubai.

Ken described the Color Run as a “brilliant charity event” and he is now encouraging others to sign up for the race, which has been pencilled in for Sunday, July 20.

He said: “We were visiting our daughter who lives in Dubai when we decided to take part.

“It was heavily publicised over there and even though they expected 8,000 people, I think about 20 per cent more turned up.”

The former co-owner of Alexandra Bridge Cars in Sunderland said: “It’s a fantastic, fun event and it’s great that it’s coming to Sunderland.”

The Color Run made its international debut in January 2012 and organisers say more than a million people have taken part in 100 runs since then.

Past runs have taken place in London, Brighton, Belfast and Manchester and have helped fundraisers, sparked wedding proposals and also been the setting for a marriage ceremony.

Ken, 63, added: “In Dubai, it was a very multicultural event and hopefully that will be the same here.

“It’s the kind of thing people from the city will want to take part in and me and my wife will hopefully be here for it because it’s a fun day for everyone.”

Entries for Sunderland’s Color Run can be submitted from Friday, January 31.

To enter once registration opens go to www.sunderlandlive.co.uk.

The route for the run is yet to be revealed.