Coastal route nearly falling into the sea

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A COASTAL road needs expensive work to stop it falling into the sea.

Experts fear sections of the A183, between Sunderland and South Tyneside, will last for no more than 60 years before it is claimed by coastal erosion, although the structural integrity of the road could fail well in advance.

At one point it is less than 15 metres from cliffs at Marsden Bay.

Highways officers at South Tyneside Council have come up with three possible solutions.

The first is a £730,000 scheme to realign the road between Redwell Bank and Souter Point, to gain 12.8 metres and see the road survive for 128 years.

However, the two other options involve rerouting traffic along other roads such as Lizard Lane, Redwell Lane and Kitchener Lane

Option two, costing £675,000, would for the widening and regrading of Lizard Lane and alterations to the junctions of Lizard Lane/Kitchener Road and Kitchener Road with the A183.

Option three would cost about £730,000, for the widening and re-grading of Lizard Lane and the provision of a new section of road between the Lizard Lane/Kitchener Road junction to the A183.

Further geological, ecological, environmental and land use constraint studies will now be carried out to evaluate each option.