Closure date set for Sunderland care home

Jubilee Care Home, Thornhill Crescent, Thornhill, Sunderland, is thought to be threatened with closure.
Jubilee Care Home, Thornhill Crescent, Thornhill, Sunderland, is thought to be threatened with closure.
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A CARE home will shut its doors for the last time this month.

Jubilee Care Home in Thornhill Crescent, is set to close on Friday, March 15.

Staff and residents were stunned when bosses announced they would close it last month claiming it was no longer “economically viable.”

Today a spokesman for the Caring Homes Group Ltd, who own Jubilee, said all residents have been moved.

He added: “I can confirm that all residents have now moved to new homes and the home will close on 15th March.

“We are continuing to consult with the staff team and providing flexible hours to assist with seeking alternative employment.”

Residents and their families took a stand when the decision to close was made last month.

Banners were hung over railings surrounding the building – home to 22 people – saying “Please don’t close us” and the message was painted on windows.

Three residents, Margaret Mole, 86, Dorothy Clark, 88, and Margaret Hindmarsh, 74, wrote a moving letter to Essex-based Caring Homes, begging bosses to understand their anger and let them stay.

Olive Harrison’s mother, Olive Allsopp, 82, lived at Jubilee and has recently been rehomed at Victoria Lodge, Grangetown.

Olive, 53, said: “The way they decided to close and tell people was shocking.

“It’s still only been weeks since everyone found out. It’s such a shame that this had to happen.

“My mam is doing well, she doesn’t really understand what has happened because she has Alzheimer’s.

“We are pleased she has fitted in so well where she has moved, and the place seems pleasant enough.

“A couple of staff from Jubilee came to visit her the other day.”

Staff from Jubilee Care Home are still going to the Thornhill building every day.

Olive, of Hendon, said: “They’re still having to go to work and just sit there, I think.

“I’ve heard a lot of them have found other jobs though, which I’m pleased about – people have mortgages and things to pay.

“It’s just a shame they have been put in this position.

“I hope all the other residents are OK in their new homes too.

“Everyone got to know each other there. It was lovely.”

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