Clash over Euro MPs’ travelling

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A NORTH East Euro MP has vowed to continue efforts to cut £150million of waste despite a setback in the European Court of Justice.

The European Parliament is split between Brussels and Strasbourg, forcing MEPs and staff to travel between the two 12 times a year.

Liberal Democrat MEP Fiona Hall is among those who voted to cut the number of Strasbourg sessions, but the French Government has challenged the decision and the court looks set to rule in its favour.

She said: “Cutting the number of trips to Strasbourg is just common sense.

“Ultimately, the power to completely scrap the split-site Parliament rests with national Governments, not MEPs, but we did what we could by voting to reduce the number of Strasbourg sessions held each year.

“To have even that small step forward challenged and overturned is frustrating.

“Thankfully, the details of the court documents offer some hope of future progress and I will continue to campaign in the hope of finally ending this expensive and unnecessary travelling circus.”