Circus Berlin rolls into Sunderland

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ROLL up! Roll up! A new circus has pitched up in town.

The Continental Circus Berlin opened, for the first time, at Seaburn Recreation ground last night.

Some of the acts from Circus Berlin at Seaburn Recreation Field

Some of the acts from Circus Berlin at Seaburn Recreation Field

The multicultural mix of circus art has been brought to the city for a five-day stint by circus owner Anthony Anderson, who bought the circus last year.

Anthony, who lives in Trimdon, County Durham, but whose dad was from Roker, also owns The Moscow State Circus and The Extreme Stunt Show.

He decided to take on The Continental Circus Berlin after trawling the world looking for great Russian acts and discovering a wealth of talent from other nationalities.

He said: “When we were booking acts for the Russian circus, we saw many that weren’t Russian, so I thought ‘I have to get these’.

“We’ve got Romanian acts, Dutch, Spanish, Bulgarian, Czechoslovakian, Kenyan, English and Welsh.

“This is the first time that it has been to Sunderland, so I hope it gets a good turnout.”

He continued: “I wanted to bring it to the North East because I think the people from the North East get the raw end of the deal when it comes to entertainment.”

The circus features clowns, jugglers, the high wire, trapeze artists, tumbling and balancing acts.

“I think times are starting to change a bit,” said Anthony, who first became interested in circuses 23 years ago when he left a job selling hot dogs to work with a company which publicised circus shows.

“All of these type of acts you see on TV originated from the circus, so I like to think that people want to see this sort of thing a bit more,” he said.

“One of the first circuses I saw was in Sunderland, actually, and I remember thinking that when you first saw the circus first arrive in town, it was always a bit magical.”

The acts of the Continental Circus Berlin, which, were brought together from across the globe, last year.

The show will close in Sunderland on Tuesday before tour ing the UK for 19 weeks.