Church offers help to hard-pressed families

Jemma McDougall, centre manager at the Bethany Christian Centre, Houghton.
Jemma McDougall, centre manager at the Bethany Christian Centre, Houghton.
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A CHURCH is running free support sessions to help hard-pressed householders keep on top of their finances.

Specially-trained members of Bethany Christian Centre, in Houghton, will provide advice to on “how best handle the economic climate”.

Taught by experts at the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) charity, which is also based at the Hetton Road church, they will oversee a short course on managing household income and expenditure.

Money coach Gus Graham, who will be leading the CAP Money sessions, said: “With households feeling the squeeze on their disposable income, we’ve all got to get a bit more savvy about our money to get through these tough times.

“If you know how to save and budget effectively, it can have a hugely positive impact on the whole family.”

The Bethany Christian Centre is one of more than 1,200 churches of different Christian traditions across the UK offering the course.

Gus added: “We hope that we can help people, quietly and confidentially, take control rather than relying on guesswork so they can plan for the future and weather the storm,” he said. The two-night course is run over two weeks at the centre.

It will take place on Thursday, February 27, and Thursday, March 6, at 7pm.

Jemma McDougall, CAP centre manager, said: “Quite often, the problem is budgeting, which many people find difficult to do.

“We’re hoping this course will help people before they get into debt.”

For more information, visit To book a place on the course, call 512 1234.