Christmas crackers: The John Lewis penguin isn’t the only gift flying off the shelves

NOT CHEAP: Monty the Penguin has been another John Lewis hit.
NOT CHEAP: Monty the Penguin has been another John Lewis hit.
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WITH news of John Lewis selling Monty the Penguin at a steep £95 here is a list of other gifts that are expected to sell well this Christmas:

• Frozen Merchandise - Being the highest grossing animated film of all time and spawning a hit song, retailers expect the Snow Glow Elsa figurine (£34.99) and Frozen Sparkle Dolls (£16.99) to be huge sellers this year.

• Benny’s Spaceship from The Lego Movie- Another huge movie this year and with Benny’s Spaceship available to buy for (£79.99), kid’s all over the world will be able to try to attempt (and probably fail) to build the 940 piece toy.

• Furby Boom: Crystal Series - One of the biggest selling toys last Christmas was the relaunched Furby. This year an updated version called the ‘Furby Boom: Crystal Series’ priced at (£64.99) is expected to sell equally as well according to toy industry experts.

• My Friend Cayla - Talk of a ‘living doll’ and thoughts of horror films arise. This doll is described as the first ‘Live’ interactive doll- Cayla can even answer questions using Google. Priced at (£59.99) the doll can also be synced with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth.

• MiP Robot - Another interactive toy this year is Mip (£99.99) which stands for Mobile Inverted Pendulum and is also powered by an Android or iOS device. The robot can balance multiple objects (even other Mip’s) while moving or standing still and has multiple game modes that can be controlled through an App.

• Solid Gold Apple Watch - Only announced a few months ago and no real launch date yet confirmed but if you have a spare £5,000 lying around the house why not put your name down for one.