Christmas cards are still ahead of texts or social media as the North East's favourite festive greeting

Nearly nine out of 10 of North East people still prefer Christmas cards to festive texts or social media greetings, a new survey reveals.

Do you still like to receive a handwritten Christmas card?
Do you still like to receive a handwritten Christmas card?

The study by fair trade pioneer Traidcraft found that 89 per cent of people in the region prefer cards while only 6 per cent appreciate a festive text and no-one would think highly of a social media message.

The survey, which comes ahead of Charity Christmas Card Week from November 13-19, also indicates that the preference for cards is on the up from last year’s figure of 77 per cent.

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It was commissioned by Traidcraft in support of its Show You Care campaign to encourage consumers to shop with thought and love in the run up to Christmas, buying fair trade products and in doing so enabling the organisation to continue its life changing and pioneering work overseas.

Roderick Stuart, Traidcraft’s head of communications, said: “While texts and social media messages are quick and convenient and can appeal to many of us at what is always a busy time of year, our survey shows beyond a doubt that they are no replacement for Christmas wishes sent in a traditional card.

“What is even better is that when you buy a charity Christmas card, the benefit is multiplied.

“You’re not only showing friends and family you care, but you’re also supporting organisations such as Traidcraft to continue their life-changing work. It’s heartening to see that even in this social media age, charity Christmas cards are a win-win way of spreading festive cheer.”

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, a keen social media user, is lending his support to the organisation’s call for people to put pen to paper and send personal, handwritten charity cards to their friends and family this Christmas.

Dr Sentamu said: “Perhaps more than any other time of the year, Christmas is a time when everyone should feel connected, loved and enjoy a sense of belonging.

“While social media and text messaging are great and convenient ways to stay in touch with friends and family, handwritten Christmas cards really are the best way to show someone that you’ve taken the time to think of them at this special time of year.

“Sending a Christmas card is a simple act, but it really shows you care, bringing a feeling of goodwill perfect for the season to all who receive them.”