Children say thank you

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A GROUP of youngsters are sending out a heartfelt thanks to passers by who stopped to buy cakes from their roadside bake sale.

The five children, from Seaton Grove, Seaton Lane, held the sale in September to raise money for the children’s cancer charity CLIC Sergeant.

Siblings Emily Mcauliffe, 13, and Aidan Mcauliffe, along with Elliott Baird, Emily Davison, and Abby Allan, all 11, raised £150 for the charity.

The fund-raising initiative came from Aidan, who last year decided to raise money for children’s cancer.

Aidan’s mum Sue said: “I suppose he was affected by seeing children on the telly with it, and just things that made him want to help.”

Last year the youngsters held a sponsored bike ride and raised £150.

For more information or to donate to CLIC Sergeant visit