Childhood relic or eyesore? Readers have their say on Seaburn Funpark sign

It was the end of an era for many Sunderland families as a seafront landmark bit the dust.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 4:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 4:26 pm
After the sign was pulled down,

And dozens of you have had your say on social media about the rainbow Seaburn sign's demise. Some of you were sad to see it go as it was torn down yesterday - while others have been calling for change, keen to see the landmark brought down and something new brought in.

Here's what you had to say on social media.

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The end of the rainbow - watch as Sunderland seafront landmark bites the dust

Pete Bogg: "It's an eyesore, so it's great it's gone. Honestly these serial moaners complain about anything and everything."

Julie Dawson: "No doubt more houses will replace it, they not interested in building anything for people's leisure, South Shields is a 100 times better than our sea front."

David Hern: "Let’s build an ice rink or some other stupid idea for people from outside the area to visit once a year! Let the people who live in SR6 decide after all it’s us who have to live here."

After the sign was pulled down,

Michael Watson: "Crying out for tourist and amusements and entertainment and they decide to pull the seafront down and put SHIPPING CONTAINERS down there. You couldn't make it up."

Vicki Goldsmith: "Don't even know why they introduced parking fees for the seafront. There's nothing there anymore ... I'm not going to pay to walk on a free beach. It's a disgrace along the front."

Kevan Williams: "This local landmark could have been saved for a mini monument or showpiece down the seafront. Many family memories relating to this arch just [treated] like rubble!"

From left, Darren Noble (junior), Darren Noble, Colin Noble, Victor Smith and Jimi Chambers.

Kim Clark: "We just passed the other night and said it's a waste, it's a shame, whatever is put in place, somebody gonna complain about it!"

Jessica Boyce: "I'm gutted to see this go, I spent many of childhood years at the fair at Seaburn this place has good memories for me."

Shaun Keelan: "Thank god it’s gone it’s an eye sore, let’s hope land gets redeveloped into something useful."

Aimee Nightingale: "I drove past when it was pulled down I heard the crash ... bye childhood memories."

Steven Drinkald: "Absolute eyesore and it's been empty for years."

Philip Bones: "Bloody disgrace what will they demolish next?"

Allan Athorn: "Slowly but surely taking every bit of history away."

Tom Parkin: "Goodbye to a load of rubbish."

Robyn Alexandria Parkin: "It’s just an arch."