Cheeky monkey! Remembering the mischievous residents of Lambton Lion Park

No monkeying around '“ we really did get a massive response when we asked for your memories of Lambton Lion Park.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 11:00 am
An inquisitive lion wanders up to a car.

In fact, nearly 90,000 of you took a look at the online post and more than 1,500 left a reaction.

But we were left wondering ... how many windscreen wipers were eventually ripped off throughout the time the park was opened?

Getting to know the elephants in 1974.

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The answer, probably, is no one knows, but we do know this – those monkeys left a definite impression on thousands of you.

Lynn Wright was one of the first to respond and said: “Eeeeeeee I remember going there and me and my older brother opened the car window open a little! The monkeys had their hands and arms through the gap within a second! It was so funny!

“Then we got stuck with the lions that decided to step up onto the car and my dad had to beep the car horn to call the ranger! Happy happy memories xxxxx.”

Maureen Brown-Canavan recalled: “The last time I went to the lion park, the monkeys pulled the roof off my car.”

A lion relaxes by the roadside.

Annette J Celebrant told us: “I remember the mischievous monkeys trying to nick the windscreen wipers off my Dad’s Ford Anglia! “

And Maureen Henry chipped in with: “I remember it well, the monkeys all over our brand new VW Beetle. Pulling at the wipers.”

We were tickled by Carolyn Scott’s comment. She said: “Loved it. Most of the monkeys were car mechanics. My dad lost a few mirrors if I remember.”

And thanks to Trevor Bennett who said: “My father went mad... monkeys loved his mirrors... so much they kept one.”

A curious elephant takes a look at our photographer.

Nita Tennant recalled a baboon using the windscreen on her grandad’s car as a toilet and said: “Remember being terrified lol!x”

You provided us with so many comments we couldn’t fit them all on the page. So watch out for many more next week.