Cheaper bus travel for pupils

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THOUSANDS of young people in the North East are being offered cheaper bus travel.

Nexus is extending its current Metro 16-18 card to include all 19-year-olds, not just those enrolled at colleges and schools.

It is also introducing a new 90p flat fare for anyone over 16 using its dedicated school bus services across Tyne and Wear.

This change will reduce the cost of travel for many sixth formers who currently have to pay an adult fare on these buses as well as bringing all routes in line with each other.

Nexus customer services director Tobyn Hughes welcomed the move.

“We are committed to making travel as simple and affordable as possible for young people, using the funding we receive from local authorities.

“Nexus provides more than 250 dedicated school bus journeys across Tyne and Wear run under contract to us.

“By bringing in a new flat 90p fare for anyone over 16 we are making travel cheaper for sixth formers on these services as the school leaving age rises, as well as parents accompanying younger children.”