Chance to meet comic book couple Bryan and Mary Talbot

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COMICS fans get a chance to quiz husband and wife partners Bryan and Mary Talbot on their latest work tomorrow night.

The couple will be joined by creative partner Kate Charlesworth at Waterstones in The Bridges from 6pm, to talk about Sally Heathcote: Suffragette.

from left - Mary and Bryan Talbot with Kate Charlesworth

from left - Mary and Bryan Talbot with Kate Charlesworth

The story of a working girl and her political awakening was written by Mary, but Bryan was too busy to do all the graphic work, as with their previous collaboration Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes.

Instead, he designed the lay-out of the book and handled the lettering before passing it on to Kate to complete.

Bryan said: “I did all the lay-outs, put the panel boards in, roughly indicated what should go in each panel, the body language, the facial expressions and positions the people in the panels were in. Then Kate added in all the fine details. I didn’t need to worry about what sort of costumes people were wearing or the backgrounds. Kate has such a fantastic eye for the minutiae of that 

“If Mary is the script writer, then I am the director and Kate is the actor.”

The three are fresh from a visit to the British Library, where they were among the guests at the launch of a major new comics exhibition.

“I was on stage with The Observer’s Rachel Cooke, talking about my career, then Mary and Kate joined us,” said Bryan. “It went down very well.”

The British Library also saw the launch of a new DVD documentary.

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