Census forms on their way

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CENSUS forms are on their way to householders across Wearside and County Durham.

 Questionnaires will today start to drop through letterboxes, as an estimated 26million are being sent out in England and Wales for the 2011 survey day on March 27.

 The £482million information-gathering exercise will ask a range of questions covering areas such as national identity, ethnic group, educational qualifications, job titles, travel-to-work method and state of health.

 The census will include questions for the first time on civil partnerships, second homes and recent migration.

 The census will gauge the extent to which carers provide support to family members, friends, neighbours or others suffering from long-term health problems or problems related to old age.

 But there will be no questions on income, sexual orientation or nature of disability.

 Householders are required by law to fill in the form.