Caring Sunderland mum has her four-foot-long hair cut off to help cancer patients

Hairdressers get the measure of Maureen Dale's hair.
Hairdressers get the measure of Maureen Dale's hair.
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HAIR today, gone tomorrow.

Mum Maureen Dale has had her 4ft 3in tresses cropped to help cancer patients.

Despite not having had her hair cut in 15 years, the 55-year-old from Ashbrooke faced the hairdressers’ scissors so that her long locks could be used to make wigs for people who’ve lost their hair to chemotherapy.

Inspired by her mum’s stunt, which has raised about £500 for Cancer Research UK, daughter Bridget, 10, also had her hair chopped.

Maureen, who works in the health service, said: “I had read about hair being used in this way in the press and I was of thinking of having my hair cut any way, so it all seemed to fit into place.

“My hair was 51inches and it’s now jaw length, about six inches, but I felt it needed to be a dramatic cut to get the best use out of the hair.”

Maureen and St Mary’s RC School pupil Bridget had their hair cut at the Ramsay & Johnson salon on Blandford Street, Sunderland, from where it will be sent to a specialist charity which makes hair into wigs.

Maureen said: “Bridget had never had her hair cut. She had a long plait and it would get in her way for sports. Her hair will now be used to make wigs for children with cancer. It’s the ultimate recycling.”

After having their hair cut by Neville Ramsay and new salon owner Ashley Dembry, mum and daughter and now both sporting shorter, sleeker looks.

Maureen said: “Once I’d made my mind up to have my hair cut for charity, I was committed to doing it, but it was peculiar when I was handed my plait as I’m so used to seeing it behind me.

“I think the new cut is fabulous, it makes me look loads younger and my family like it. Once people saw how good it looked, more and more people have been sponsoring us.”

Neville said: “In all my years of hairdressing, I have never seen hair so long. To be able to make these wigs, they prefer uncoloured, freshly cut, clean hair, so they were perfect.

“It’s fantastic that hair can be used it this way and it makes such a difference.”

* Anyone who would like to sponsor Maureen for Cancer Research UK can do so at

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