Captured burglar threated to kill householder

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A BURGLAR who made death threats to a householder who detained him during a raid has been jailed.

Peter Innes begged to be let go then warned: “I’m going to get people down here to kill you” in revenge for being held at the property at Thornhill Gardens, Sunderland, in the early hours of February 6.

Newcastle Crown Court yesterday heard that the householder had been woken by a noise inside his home, which he originally thought was made by his cat.

But prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court: “He saw the silhouette of a male and he challenged that male.

“The male dropped whatever he was carrying, came towards the male occupier and started to reach towards his back pocket.

“They got involved in a struggle.

“The householder was able to restrain the defendant.”

The court heard an upstairs neighbour came to help the occupier.

Innes, 39, of Valley Court, Hendon, who has more than 200 previous convictions, begged to be let go and even offered the men some money in return for his freedom.

Innes pleaded guilty to burglary as well as unrelated theft charges.

The court heard the householder and his girlfriend no longer feel safe in their home and are thinking about moving.

Mr Recorder Graham Cook sentenced Innes to a total of three years and three months behind bars.

The judge said: “The householder is now talking about moving as they are frightened of repercussions.

“People should always feel safe in their homes.

“It is people like you who make people unsafe in their homes.”

Jamie Adams, defending, said despite the frightening ordeal nobody was physically injured.