Candidates throw their hats in the ring for council elections

The first ballot box arrives at the Puma Tennis Centre, Silksworth, just a couple of minutes after 10pm.'General election count.
The first ballot box arrives at the Puma Tennis Centre, Silksworth, just a couple of minutes after 10pm.'General election count.
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A LIST of candidates hoping to win votes on Wearside in next month’s council elections has been announced.

With 25 wards up for grabs, political parties have submitted the names of the people they hope will be elected on to the council.

There are more than 80 potential councillors contesting the elections with eight parties represented.

There will be a double-election in the Sandhill ward after the death of John Gallagher, who passed away before completing his first year in office.

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Labour has 26 people standing, the Conservatives have 22 and the Lib Dems 21.

Smaller parties include the Green Party with eight candidates, the UK Independence Party with seven and there are two independent candidates.

There is also one person standing for the National Front in Millfield.

Paul Watson, Labour leader in Sunderland, said: “I would encourage everyone to use their vote because democracy is a precious thing.

“We have got a Government of millionaires legislating for millionaires and so if the people of Sunderland want a council who are in touch with people, they should vote Labour.”

Robert Oliver, Conservative leader in Sunderland, said: “I encourage everyone to come out and vote because it’s the last chance in the next few years to decide who runs the city.

“I would encourage people to look at the state of the city and decide if they think Labour has done a good job.”

Paul Dixon, Lib Dem leader in Sunderland, said: “I want people to go out and vote and don’t let Labour convince them into thinking it’s a vote about the Coalition. It’s a local election for local issues, so people should think local.”

Among the list of candidates is former cabinet member Denny Wilson, who was blocked from standing for reelection last year by the regional branch of the Labour party.

He has now been reselected to stand in his former Castle ward, which is a safe Labour seat.

Former Conservative stalwart Graham Hall is also seeking to return to office after being voted-out of his St Peter’s seat last year on what was a poor election night for the Tories in Sunderland.

The council is controlled by Labour, who have almost 75 per cent of the available seats, with the Conservatives next in-line with 18 per cent.

Each ward is represented by three councillors and each one of them is elected for a four-year term. One seat in each ward becomes vacant in three out of the four years.

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The full list of runners and riders:


Rebecca Atkinson – Labour

Gouilnara Dixon – Lib Dem

Tony Morrissey – Conservative


Paul Hillman – Lib Dem

Paula Wilkinson – Conservative

Denny Wilson – Labour

Copt Hill

Ann Owen – Labour

Derrick Smith – Independent

Sue Sterling – Lib Dem


Matt Macdonald – Lib Dem

Christine Marshall – Labour

Caroline Leigh Robinson – Green Party

Richard Steven Vardy - Conservatives


Margaret Beck – Labour

Bob Francis – Conservatives

Geoff Pryke – Lib Dem


Pauline Veronica Featonby-Warren – UKIP

Debbie Lorraine – Conservative

Samuel Henry May – Green Party

Michael Mordey – Labour


James Blackburn – Labour

John Defty – UKIP

Philip Dowell – Lib Dem


Sheila Patricia Ellis – Independent

Louise Smith – Lib Dem

Gemma Louise Taylor – Labour


Paul Birleson – National Front

Paul Dixon – Lib Dem

Helmut Izaks – Green

Keith Charles O’Brien – Conservative

Bob Price - Labour


David Campbell – Green

Sylvia Doward – Lib Dem

Peter O’Connor – Conservative

Amy Wilson – Labour


Ronny Davison – Labour

Gwennyth Gibson – Conservative

Lynn Marie Kelly – UKIP


Shaun Cudworth – Conservative

Anthony Farr – Labour


Mary Turton – Labour

Paul Tweddle – Conservative

Anthony Usher – Lib Dem

Debra Waller – Labour

Shiney Row

Carol Attewell – Lib Dem

Anne Hall – Labour

Malcolm Simon Vardy – Conservative


Derek Horsley – UKIP

Joella Hannah Lynch – Green

Dominic McDonough – Conservative

Patricia Smith – Labour


Rosalind Copeland – Labour

Terence William Docherty – Conservative

Ann Hollern – Lib Dem

Michael Henderson Leadbitter – UKIP

St Anne’s

Emily Fiona Blyth – Green

Norman Thomas Geoffrey Oliver – Conservative

Kathy Walker – Lib Dem

Susan Watson – Labour

St Chad’s

Darryl Oliver Dixon – Labour

Sue Wilson – Lib Dem

Alan Wright – Conservative

St Michael’s

Rachel Sara Featherstone – Green

Margaret Forbes – Conservative

Chris Johnson – Labour

Andrew Wood – Lib Dem

St Peter’s

Graham Hall – Conservative

Chris Henry – Lib Dem

Julie Jackson – Labour

Washington Central

Chris Ashford – Lib Dem

Pat Francis – Conservative

Erland Max Howard Polden – UKIP

Dianne Snowdon – Labour

Washington East

Malcolm Bannister – Lib Dem

Linda Hudson – UKIP

Hilary Johnson – Conservative

Tony Murphy – Green

David Snowdon – Labour

Washington North

Kathleen Irvine – Conservative

John Kelly – Labour

Kevin Morris – Lib Dem

Washington South

Louise Farthing – Labour

David Griffin – Lib Dem

Martin John Talbot – Conservative

Washington West

Irenen Bannister – Lib Dem

Olwyn Bird – Conservative

Bernard Scaplehorn – Labour